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Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment

Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment

Virtualize Your Collaboration Applications Simply and Securely
Virtualize your unified communications applications and get the same great benefits you’ve realized from virtual servers. Avaya Aura® applications—the ones that deliver voice, video, data, and mobile collaboration tools—are now supported on VMware as virtual appliances. Skip the installation on a network server. 
1. Network Reliability
Keep your communications and collaboration resources up and available with the built-in survivability of the Avaya Aura® Platform, now integrated with VMware diagnostic and maintenance tools.
2. Flexible Deployment Options
Choose the deployment model that best suits your environment. 
3. Better TCO Today, Increased ROI Tomorrow
Adding virtual appliances for Unified Communications reduces your hardware footprint and energy usage while simplifying administration and training. 
Collaboration Applications Join the Virtualized Data Center
Business collaboration is making employees more efficient and effective. Virtualization is driving down operating costs.
Leave Virtualizing Real-Time Communications to the Experts
Moving real time communications to the virtual environment requires careful application design, reliable integration of resources, and flexible system architectures.
Avaya Virtual Application Manager
Use this product-oriented management interface to install and maintain Avaya virtualized applications on any compatible VMware architecture. 
  • Customer Experience Virtualized Environment
  • Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite (part of Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment)
  • Elite Multichannel Feature Pack
  • Avaya Aura Experience Portal
  • Call Management System
Avaya Aura® Core Applications Available as OVA Files
  • Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (simplex & duplex)
  • Avaya Aura® Session Manager 
  • Avaya Aura® Presence Services 
  • Avaya Aura® System Manager Release 
  • Avaya Agile Communication Environment® (ACE)
  • Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services
  • Avaya Aura® Utility Services 
  • Avaya Aura® WebLM Standalone
  • Avaya Secure Access Link
Supported VMware vcenter Tools
  • VMware High Availability (HA): When VMware HA has been configured on an ESXi host on which an Avaya Aura® Application virtual machine is installed, VMware HA moves Avaya Aura Applications to a standby host if the ESXi host fails.
  • VMware vMotion: A process known as a hot-migration, this feature enables real time migration of running virtual machines from one ESX host to another with zero downtime, resulting in continuous service and transaction integrity.
  • Storage migration using vMotion: A VMware feature that moves virtual machine disk files from one data storage location to another, this feature minimizes end user disruption during migrations.
  • VMware Snapshots: The snapshot feature preserves the state and data of a virtual machine at a specific point in time.

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