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Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise

Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise

Secure Your Unified Communications Solutions
Beyond your enterprise data network firewall, a critical component in delivering SIP-based communications is the device that secures your SIP and VoIP connectivity. Data network firewalls protect a variety of traffic types, however they are not application aware for SIP-based communications.
1. Remote Security for Any Employee, Any Device
Enterprise mobile collaboration needs to be easy to use without awkward restrictions or complicated procedures. Securely offer BYOD without requiring VPN connections, while supporting any mobile device.
2. Easy to Install, Simple to Provision
The benefits of SIP networking are only viable if you can easily integrate the solution. SIP access is achievable for your business, regardless of your size.
3. Multi-Tiered Networks
In multi-user environments, private can mean multiple-networks, even multi-national. Remove potential risks when outside contractors or support staffs are accessing your corporate network. 
Control Network Design Costs When Supporting Remote Access for Mobile Workers and Contractors
Extending the enterprise is all about secure connections, simplified installation, and accessibility. 
Secure, Real-Time Communications Need More than Just a Firewall
A firewall protects against uninvited data network traffic—but what about your communications network? Secure connectivity for VoIP, whether inter-company or intra-company, needs another level of protection.
Affordable Security for Any Size Business
Businesses large and small are facing an evolution where users are no longer confined inside the walls of the enterprise. 
Make Your Enterprise Safe for BYOD
The fact is that employees are using personal devices for work. And you’re challenged to keep your Unified Communications secure.
Secure Multi-Tiered Network Architecture
Session border control is no longer only for an external enterprise border. With the need to support outside resources beyond normal controlled enterprise boundaries, session border control is now a necessary security layer even within the private enterprise network.
Security Features
Avaya SBCE 6.2 brings a new level of SIP security Avaya SIP-based Unified Communications solutions for both Enterprise and SME. The following is a list of the common features:
  • Element Management System (EMS): well-constructed ‘craft’ interfaces for simplicity of implementation and administration of the Avaya SBCE 6.2 product.
  • Advanced UC Security including protections against Toll Fraud, Call Walking, etc.
  • Deep Packet Inspection for both signaling and media.
  • DoS/DDoS (flood, resource hang/open transaction, crash/fuzz)
  • ACL/White/Black listing
  • SIP Normalization – SIP trunk integration module STIM
  • Call Admission Control
  • DTMF manipulation
  • NAT traversal (both near and far end), Topology Hiding
  • RFC 5853 Compliant

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