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Cisco Security Optimization Service

Cisco Solutions Cisco Security Optimization Service

Cisco Security Optimization Service
The Cisco Security Optimization Service can help you to respond to evolving security threats and unexpected incidents by proactively strengthening your network infrastructure through strategic planning, architectural assessments, design, performance tuning, and ongoing optimization support.
Cisco security optimization service includes following nine features
  • Security technology planning support 
  • Network device security assessment
  • Security posture assessment 
  • Security architecture assessment 
  • Security technology readiness assessment 
  • Security design support
  • Security performance tuning
  • Security change support
  • Security knowledge transfer

Some of the optimization services that cisco deals with are:

Data Center Optimization Service
Prepare Your Data Center for Growth
  • Improve the performance of your business-critical applications
  • Adopt new technological innovations with less risk
  • Reduce costs through the efficient use of equipment and data center operation
  • Improve productivity and enhance business processes
  • Increase revenue through improved application performance 
Collaboration Optimization Services
Optimize Your Collaboration Investment
Your collaboration application suite has grown beyond phone and email systems to include unified communications, customer collaboration, TelePresence, video conferencing, mobile collaboration, and more. Cisco Collaboration Optimization Services, delivered via subscription by Cisco Services together with our partners, focus on enhancing the effectiveness of your collaboration solutions, enhancing system performance, business and operations management, and total cost of ownership.
  1. Identify gaps, risks, and recommendations as you implement desired changes
  2. Maintain, evolve, and align your system's design and resiliency while reducing exposure to issues
  3. Manage change, unplanned incidents, and recurring problems in support of new business requirements
  4. Accelerate the usage and adoption of your investment
Network Optimization Service
Maximize Your Network Investment
This service maximizes your network investment by providing your team with technical leadership and professional services expertise, tools, and best practices to help you intelligently run your network for optimal performance.
  1. Unmatched networking knowledge and best-practices to optimize your routing, switching, wireless and security infrastructure for better performance and reliability to deliver an improved customer experience.
  2. Support for your network transformation strategy with Cisco architecture leadership, deep technology knowledge, and domain expertise.
  3. Smart service capabilities that automate analysis for improved visibility and insight into the state of your network. 
Security Optimization Service
The Cisco Security Optimization Service provides you with support in four areas:
  1. Strategy and Planning: We help you develop a risk management strategy and security policy so you can protect company resources while providing your customers, vendors, and employees with highly secure access from anywhere using any device.
  2. Periodic Assessments: We conduct assessments and analyze security gaps providing you with recommendations on how to address these gaps.
  3. Ongoing Optimization Support: We provide ongoing, expert advice as you develop and validate your security plans.
  4. Ongoing Knowledge Transfer: We provide informal sessions to build your IT staff’s security knowledge.
Wireless LAN Optimization Service
The Cisco Wireless LAN Optimization Service is a proactive service that provides ongoing design consultation, software configuration, and coverage recommendations to help improve the performance level of your Cisco wireless LAN. This service helps you support changes, while analyzing designs to enable your network to grow to  support additional applications and users. It allows you to assess your wireless LAN’s performance using periodic onsite coverage, interference, throughput, and utilization measurements. The service also assesses your software and develops a strategy to reduce compatibility problems and help improve network availability. Additionally the service helps increase your team’s knowledge of wireless LAN technology and solutions so that it can be prepared to use new applications and solutions when they become available.
Optimizing Your Wireless LAN Network
The Cisco Wireless LAN Optimization Service helps you continuously improve your wireless LAN infrastructure and achieve operational excellence so that it is always a competitive resource. Cisco consulting engineers provide this service using industry-leading tools and leading practice methodologies gained through years of experience designing and deploying some of the world’s most complex enterprise-level secure wireless networks.

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