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Cyberoam Central Console

Cyberoam Cyberoam Central Console

Cyberoam Central Console
The Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) appliances enable Enterprises and MSSPs to centrally manage Cyberoam network security appliances deployed across branch offices or customer offices. 
Providing flexibility of hardware and virtual platforms, CCC appliances simplify centralized security management, reduce administrative overhead and aid compliance reporting for distributed enterprises and MSSPs as required for their growing networks.
Centralized Policy Management & Security Updates
CCC simplifies security management by enabling centralized policy creation and implementation and signature updates for Cyberoam network security appliances deployed at branch offices and client offices for all security features like Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System and Anti-Virus scanning.
Intelligent Grouping of Appliances 
CCC provides flexibility to manage security across various offices and clients by allowing meaningful grouping of security appliances based on their geography, Cyberoam network security appliance models, Firmware versions, organizations (especially for MSSPs), and service subscriptions.
Template-based Configuration 
CCC allows creation of policy templates based on best practices for re-use by enterprises and MSSPs. Template-based policies allow enterprises to extend security policies for new branch offices in minimal time and enable MSSPs to apply vertical-focused policies for their new customers in minimal time.
CCC API enables enterprises and MSSPs to leverage their existing Business Process Automation tools and IT Infrastructure monitoring & ticketing systems, and efficiently integrate with CCC to derive the benefits of improved usability and efficiency of overall operations. 
Change Control and Logging 
CCC allows tracking and rolling back configuration changes of managed Cyberoam appliances. Enterprises and MSSPs can audit policy or device changes to review compliance and track deviations from the required security policy.
Integration with Cyberoam iView 
CCC can be integrated with Cyberoam iView, eliminating the need for separate consoles to control and manage Cyberoam security appliances. It automatically syncs administrators and managed appliances under CCC with Cyberoam iView, reducing complexities, time and efforts.
Role-based Administration 
CCC enables enterprises and MSSPs to set role-based administration for CCC hardware and virtual appliances as well as individual Cyberoam security appliance and group of Cyberoam security appliances.
Audit Logs and Alerts
CCC’s Log Viewer offers logs and views of administrator actions as well as dispersed Cyberoam network security appliances, which helps in investigative analysis, supports regulatory compliance as well as keeps track of historical activities across distributed networks.

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