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Empirix Interconnect Solutions

Empirix Empirix Interconnect Solutions

Empirix Interconnect Solutions
Empirix is an expert solution provider for both Interconnect Billing and QoS in Interconnect
Interconnect Billing
Empirix probes deployed in operator’s networks are aimed to capture all interconnect and international traffic. 
Multi Service Probes (MSP) will generate Call data Records (CDR) for all calls and SMS messages. These CDRs will be in addition to and independent of the CDRs generated from operators.
Empirix analytics then will generate complete call analysis based on MSP and CDR’s; in addition the Mediation layer (with an engine for calculating and generating KQI/KPI’s) can be configured to process all CDRs from the Service Provider’s MSC’s. These results can be compared against the billing information provided by the Service Providers.
QoS in Interconnect
The network monitoring solutions provide QoS metrics such as call completion rates, voice quality Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) or Post Dial Delay (PDD). However, the challenge is to correlate these metrics at a deeper  level with data like billing code, trunk group or dialed number (NPA NXX) that identifies the interconnect partner and which is not easily available from the network CDRs.
Here arises a need for Empirix’s Network Analytics solutions with intelligent correlation capabilities that can connect the significant data points from multiple network elements, monitoring solutions or OSS systems and provide operators with QoS Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each call handled by each interconnect partner. Such engines also give originating carriers the ability to slice, dice and trend information by partner, geography, time of day, call volume, KPI and more.
The solution also allows for smarter decision making for all interconnect partners in terms of mapping the real-time results of downstream QoS with Least Call Routing (LCR) schemes, re-routing the traffic while the QoS KPI hits a threshold leading to rising of a trouble ticket and initiating problem-solving tasks.
Key Features
  • Proactively assure customer experience as calls are routed off the network
  • Analyzing performance by carriers involved and by geographical parameters
  • Real-Time QoS in LCRs
  • Provide completion rates for rural call termination
  • Automatic alerts for notification on downstream issues
  • Help with swift issue resolution through export of performance data

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