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WAN Optimization

WAN Optimization

WAN Optimization
WAN Optimization - Barracuda
Barracuda WAN optimization is a procedure to minimize site to site VPN network traffic in between two or more locations. Barracuda NG Firewalls makes use of Lempel-ziv to decrease the traffic flow throughout the WAN. Barracuda also makes use of Generic Large Dictionary Compression to bring down the TINA tunnel Traffic. Both the methods can be used one after other or together. The functioning of the compression method might vary depending on the network traffic. When the network traffic is homogenous, the working of the traffic compression works in a much efficient manner.
WAN Optimization - Riverbed
Customer WAN is the basic mode that keeps them connected throughout the world for collaboration, business purpose, communications and risk alleviation. The working of the Wide-Area Network is as per the usage of the customer. WAN optimization solutions of Riverbed will not only help the business function smoothly at the same time deliver’s constant services for cutting down the cost of their IT infrastructure. 
WAN optimization provided by Riverbed can provide enough changes to help wide range of IT companies:
  • Accelerate performance of application up to 50X expands the business growth.
  • Combines the branch and datacenter and offers a 6 months payback. 
  • Optimizes web, email, vice video and file sharing side by side.
  • Secures data entirely with minimal cost and result. 
  • Solves errors at a much faster rate.

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