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Wireless Tool- RF Planner

Wireless Tool- RF Planner

Wireless Tool RF Planner
RF planner in HP is generated in an exclusive, patent pending RF propagation model. RF planner supplies high precision by getting enough information for HP access points, sensors, client cards, access points and directional antennas and construction resources. There is an open-air modeling capability that facilitates the design of outdoor area and municipal networks. Moreover, RF manager grant importing of planning and device placement in order for easy Deployment.
  • For generating and installing HP mobility system.
  • Exclusive, patent pending RF propagation model.
  • Graphical presentation of wireless LAN spillage.
  • Secure reporting Modeling 
  • Outdoor modeling capacity
ARUBA RF Planner 
RF planner provides the following functions:
  • Identifies WLAN Coverage.
  • Spots WLAN surrounding secure coverage.
  • Evaluates tool necessities.
  • Optimizes Radio mediums.
RF planner supplies an overview of every floor that allows you to identify your needs of wireless coverage in different areas. RF planner also creates a detailed coverage map with AP and AM placement. 
Like various static site survey tools that needs supervisors to have detailed knowledge of building resources and other potential RF hazards. RF planner standardizes exposure in real manner by means of a sophisticated RF calibration algorithm. Real time calibration lets you distinguishes the indoor circulation of RF signals to identify the top channel and communication strength for every AP. The programming of the calibration can be done automatically or manually at any period of time to acquire the changes in the wireless surrounding. 
Information that can make the RF planning easier: 
  • Structure dimensions 
  • Total number of floors 
  • Distance and area between each floor 
  • Number of users and count of user per AP
  • Radio type
  • Expected data rates for APs
  • Expected examine  over cost for AMs
  • Areas where you do not need coverage 
  • Areas where you need an 802.11n Hotspot 
  • Places where you want to deploy fixed AP or AM

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