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Mobile and LTE Monitoring

Mobile and LTE Monitoring

Mobile and LTE Monitoring
Greater visibility into complex mobile experiences revolutionizes service assurance and performance.
Empirix E-XMS provides a single solution for end-to-end mobile and LTE network monitoring. It correlates Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) data for voice, video, and data services to report a more meaningful metric: Quality of Application (QoA) as experienced by customers. Empirix E-XMS also validates all the transport, handoff, connection, and data transfer events that enable mobile communications.
Holistic service assurance with complete visibility into customer experience enables faster diagnosis of the issues that diminish it. More importantly, Empirix mobile monitoring solutions identify trends and predict failures before they happen. The cost savings are significant.
Empirix E-XMS mobile network monitoring lets you see beyond performance metrics to better understand how customers are using mobile services. As a result, you can better shape your business to build loyalty, attract new customers, optimize infrastructure investments, and maximize revenue.

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