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Network Security Design Methodology

Network Security Design Methodology

Network Security Design Methodology
Each day, the volume and magnitude of data shared over the internet is rising dramatically. More and more communication is taking place via e-mail.On-the-move staffs, telecommuters and branch offices are using the Internet to remotely connect to their corporate networks and complete commercial transactions over the Internet.However, as networks enable more and more applications and are available to more and more users, they become ever more susceptible to a wider range of security threats. To combat those threats and ensure that business goals are not compromised, security technology must play a major role in today’s networks.
If network security systems are designed using ad hoc and unpredictable methods, their integrity will be in doubt and risks in business can increase. Therefore, a reliable and coherent design methodology for network security is need of the hour. In Middle East especially, the problem has received little attention. This can perhaps be explained by the relative immaturity of the underlying technology.
Prologix LLC aims to draw attention of the business owners and IT managers to this unexplored area and help them brace themselves for the challenges and unseen risks. Network security design is only a part of the overall process for specification and design of any networked system. Prologix expert team, with its highly experienced professionals with qualified certifications will work with you to formulate the security design for your company. Below is an example of how it’s done:
Specification Phase
A. Determine the System Requirements
  1. State the Intended Application
  2. Define the Security Perimeters
  3. Define the Required Security Services
  4. Define the Required Security Management Features
B. Identify Constraints on the Design 
  1. Review Applicable Standards
  2. Determine Network Type and Topology
  3. Consider Organizational Factors
Design Phase 
A. Define the Security Architecture 
  1. Locate the Required Functionality within the Architecture
  2. Define the Service Primitives
  3. Select Underlying Service Mechanisms
B. Define Service Protocols 
  1. Implementation Phase
  2. Develop Required Hardware and Software
  3. Testing and Verification
  4. Performance Analysis
  5. Accreditation and Certification
In IT deployments, most efficient and powerful tool can be rendered useless by poor implementation. Prologix’s goal shall be to adopt an in-depth approach to secure network design, focused on the expected threats and methods mitigation, as we think security is in the basis of network design, even prior to decision-making on the buying of new or most costly equipment.

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