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Why Security Strategy

Why Security Strategy

Why Security Strategy
In today’s world of increased cyber threats, the topic of IT Security is of paramount importance.
We believe that in order to position yourself and your organization forsuccess, you must be able to think, execute and deliver results along five strategic disciplines. 
1. Assess: Understand where you are and where you want to be
2. Analyze: Conduct analyses that will give you actionable insight
3. Strategize: Build a strategic implementation roadmap
4. Align: Maintain strategy as a dynamic, continuous process
5. Communicate: Improve consensus-building, messaging and reporting
Five reasons for having a sound security strategy employed
1. Everyone is vulnerable to attacks – Technological vulnerabilities &Organizational vulnerabilities
2. The number of vulnerabilities keep increasing
3. The number of incidents keep increasing
4. Incidents affect the mission of the organization
5. Organization must meet Regulatory and Legislative compliance
Strategic Planning for Security
1. Information Security Risk Assessment through usingeffective methods of evaluation
2. Sound Risk Management Principlesfocusing on critical issues; identify critical assets, selection of effective security practices.
3. Organizational and Cultural Principles including open communications, global perspective and teamwork.
Prologix LLC can help you with the journey of achieving a security strategy for your IT Infrastructure and services that can make your business threat-proof. We will help you identify the risks and provide you consultation and solutions to overcome these risks successfully.

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