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Document management systems

Document management Systems (DMS), is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner.
The different products offered by Newgen are categorized as the follows.
Omni Flow Intelligent Business Process Management Suite
The suite strategically coordinates advanced technological tools to model, deploy and manage mission-critical business processes that span multiple enterprise applications, corporate departments, and business partners.
The suite comes with a comprehensive Dynamic Case Management functionality, allowing systematic collaboration of individuals and processes in a structured or ad-hoc manner to support non-standardized, unpredictable processes
Key features:
  • Process Modeling & Simulation
  • Workflow & Rules Management
  • Process Administration & Control
  • Master Data Management
  • Analytics and mobility
  • Complex event processing
  • Social integration
Omni Docs Enterprise Content Management Suite
The Omni Docs Enterprise Content Management Software addresses end-to-end customer content life-cycle management. Creating, capturing, managing, delivering and archiving large volume of documents becomes easy and hassle-free. Omni Docs Enterprise Content Management Software simplifies storage of enterprise content through a highly scalable, secure and unified repository. It provides access to enterprise content directly and through integration with business applications.
Omni Scan
Omni Scan is an innovative document imaging software solution which offers more than just information capture. Omni Scan accelerates business processes by capturing data and converting it into actionable information. Information originating from paper, office documents, fax etc. can be effectively scanned and delivered to business applications such as ECM, BPM and ERP. It supplements enterprise wide digitization and automation needs. It offers excellent integration when paired with other existing systems. Omni Scan dovetails well with SAP and SharePoint.
Newgen Solutions for Banking and Finance
Newgen Solutions for the Banking and Financial Industry have been crafted to enable organizations respond to the ever evolving landscape of the industry. Newgen Solutions create leaner business processes allowing faster time to market. Leveraging these solutions financial institutions can design and deliver innovative yet unified offerings, while ensuring the highest level compliance adherence, enhancing profitability and creating smart transformations.
Newgen Solutions for Insurance
The insurance industry is extremely composite and regulated. With shrinking margins, stricter regulations, risks of fraud, and increased competition, the industry faces several operational challenges. Insurance corporations must control costs in order to stay competitive. They need to achieve greater efficiencies to manage huge volumes of customer information in a secure atmosphere.
Newgen thrives in this competitive background and helps insurance companies focus on streamlining operations. Newgen helps in improving profitability, regulating compliance and keeps away from the risk of fraudulent claims.
Newgen Solutions for Healthcare
Healthcare proprietors are progressively looking for advanced healthcare software solutions to simplify processes and drive operational efficiency. Newgen provides healthcare professionals a future ready IT platform, proficient of unlocking acute information from the restraints of process related data to automate critical business functions including claims management, appeals and grievances management, member enrollment, provider contract management. Newgen Healthcare Solutions suite combines the power of Imaging, Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management to extract solutions built to address the detailed necessities of Healthcare businesses.
Newgen Solutions for government agencies
Newgen is a leading provider of technology solutions for government agencies. The company’s experience in imaging and digitization, coupled with its innovational Implementation methodology, make the company ideally suited to fulfill the digitization and process automation requirements of large government agencies. Newgen offers pre-built solution accelerators, which incorporate industry best practices, to enable better governance in public sector operations. The process is intensive, transparent in automated documentation. A responsive process in public sector is attained successfully by Newgen. Ensure efficient and effective delivery of citizen services in the face of limited resources as well.
Newgen solutions for educational sector
Newgen offers accessible and robust Document Management Solution to help educational institutions increase efficiency and reduce paper management costs.
Educational institutions use paper based documents comprehensively in the form of student records, applications, employee records, correspondence and circulars. In addition, an excess of documents have to be stored for future reference. All this information has to be archived and produced quickly, when necessary. Newgen’s BPM platform streamlines the processes and controls the internal production processes with integrated workflows.
Newgen solutions for telecom industry
Telecom Service Providers need enriched alertness in responding to changing telecommunication practices and to offer superior customer service. Using Newgen’s web-based Document Management, Business Process Management, Bill Management and Output Management Solutions, Telecom providers across the world are able to adore different benefits.
  • Reduce cycle time of query handling
  • Increase coordination with subscribers
  • Reduce errors in billing processes
  • Present bills/statements online
  • Improve responsiveness to customers

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