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Prologix Transforming Ideas into Solutions

News & Article Prologix Transforming Ideas into Solutions

07-January 2014

Prologix Transforming Ideas into Solutions

Telecom Review had the chance to meet Sarwan Singh, Managing Director, Prologix, during GITEX Technology Week in October, where the company was showcasing its latest portfolio of products and solutions. Singh talked about the company’s widespread presence, highlighting its background and major focal points.

Company Highlights

Prologix is a leading system integration and technology distribution company. The company’s main objective is to help the telecom industry to seamlessly generate revenue streams. The company has a widespread presence over the globe including in major countries such as UAE, India, Kenya, Qatar and Nigeria.

Headquartered in Dubai, the company has witnessed profound growth across application integration, infrastructure and enterprise management division. Its successful business building bid encompasses the most efficient designing, configuration, installation, integration, IT consultancy on complete IT infrastructure set up, technical support combined with mainstream business of product amassment and distribution of telecommunication and technology products to many telecom players around the globe. Thus, the company gained its reputation as a global player in technology distribution.

With a team of more than 100 professionals, Prologix is active on many fronts including many corporate and government projects. In addition, Prologix is specialized in a variety of fields including:

  • Datacenter and  Cloud Computing Solutions: configuration, workload  and asset management
  • Convergence Solutions: collaboration, accessories and voice
  • Networking Solutions: wireless, routers and switches
  • Data and Storage Solutions: server, storage management, data protection, backup and archives, OS, security and surveillance, VPN firewalls, UTM/STM boxes
  • Information Security: Log management, end point, authentication solution, IDM, ISM solution, server and virtualization security
  • Application Deployment: inventory management, staff management, incident management, time management
  • IT Services: design, domain and hosting, configuration, presales, after sales, integration, implementation, management  and  support


The Start

As he was narrating the story of Prologix, Singh said, “Prologix started in 1998. We have been in business for almost 15 years. When we initially started, we were focused on the networking industry; we started working with our clients on networking and security. At that time we were keen on building a rich customer base. After a while, the company started to grow. We realized that the pace of growth was in the distribution of products. And so, we started focusing more on distribution.”

Prologix is known for its global operations on more than one vertical. Singh comments, “We work with most of the wireless ISPs in the region here as well in Kenya and Pakistan. We also work with Ericsson on some of their projects in the UAE. Basically, we are focused on two particular verticals. The first is test and measurement and the second is wireless in terms of microwave, point to point and point to multipoint. For instance, we are distributing the wireless industry’s leading products from Cambium Networks in the Middle East and Africa. We also work with companies in other industries such as oil and gas.”

He continues, “On another hand, we also work with partners. For instance, in Bahrain, we work with three of our partners on two-way radio and backhaul solutions. We are also working with the Ministry of Interior and communications departments.”

Prologix LLC reinvented itself by introducing its value added distribution arm, Prologix Distribution, in 2006 in order to cater to the increasing demand in the region for niche solutions especially in the fields of wireless and test and measurement.


Big Data is Small

Empirix solutions enable improved business performance by predicting the customer's communications experience, end to end. With Empirix, Prologix can anticipate technology issues, ensure peak level performance and come up with the best solutions to improve its business operations and keep its customers satisfied.  Singh comments, “Our value added distribution arm is Prologix Distribution and we are the master distributors for Empirix.”

Commenting on the above, Singh continued, “We are constantly focused on improving customer experience management. We are always involved in active and passive network monitoring for large telecom operators. For instance, in the UAE alone we closely work with both operators on projects related to improving their customer experience management.”

He adds, “We are one of the very few in this industry who can do 20 million transactions per day. We can analyze these transactions in a day and give the right business analytics report whenever our customers ask for it.”

When it comes to data, Singh said, “To us, big data is small because we can do 40GB per second of data analytics. Nobody in the industry can do this. We are actually very focused on delivering Customer Experience Management. CEM is a very important factor these days to telecom operators as it has to do with analyzing the quality of service to the customer.

Providing Excellence

On another level, next to Empirix, Prologix is also working with Movitel in Sri Lanka, Airtel in India as well as the TRA in Nigeria. Singh commented, “Now we are taking our operations further to Kenya and other regional operators in Saudi and Qatar.”

Prologix is also involved with Kingfisher, an Australian company specialized in delivering Fiber Optic Testing, Fiber Cable Tester, Optical Power Meter and Bi-directional Testing. Singh said, “Since 1986, Kingfisher has pioneered handheld solutions that consistently exceed bench top test performance. Kingfisher’s fiber network tools and products are very much needed for system integrators who are working with telecom operators.”

He continued, “We are also distributors for Agilent Technologies, one of the well-known brands in the telecom industry. We are working with them on the power supplies as well as other products used by the telecom operators, electronic industries and labs.”

In terms of its product portfolio, Singh explained that Prologix is basically focused on providing solutions for telecom players. He said, “We understand that this is one of the fastest growing industries due the growing consumer demands for data and video. We have been in this industry for the past 8 years.”

“We started with Avaya, who are our largest platinum partner. We work with them on projects related to the midsize market because we have the understanding that this market is growing and will grow even further. We are their partners for voice, video and data.”

These are only but some of the players with whom Prologix is involved.

Recent Happenings

Prologix has recently demonstrated its RF capabilities, particularly in the area of RF testing and measurement during GITEX Technology Week which took place in October in Dubai. The company considers GITEX as a platform for showcasing its latest developments and highlighting it service capabilities.

The company exhibited products from over 12 of its vendor partners including test equipment rental, benchmarking, in-building solutions, EMF testing, passive intermodulation testing, network synchronization audits, transmission planning, professional telecom trainings and IT managed services.

The brands that the company highlighted were HP, Avaya, Agilent Technologies, Digital Lightwave, Empirix, Fluke, Trango Systems, Redline, Aztech and Totolink, Kingfisher International and Cambium Networks.

Final Thought

The telecom industry is moving very fast towards newer and more advanced technologies. This is what Singh, like any other telecom player in the industry, thinks. However, according to Singh, the main focus should be on customer experience. He said, “The main focus should be on the quality of performance. With our products and services, we are presenting customers with newer challenges which are coming in terms of SOC or what is known as Service Operation Center. Previously, all attention was directed towards NOC or Network Operational Center; however, we see that the future is in SOC, and this is what we are working on with large industry leaders. Now, we are actually focused on SOC because we feel that this is the very near future; customers’ demands are already heading that way, and so we have already started working on developing these concepts. I would say that focus should be on CEM and the new technologies that are emerging in order to provide customers with the trusted solutions they are looking for.”

Source: Telecom Review 

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