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Product Launch

Product Launch Successful Product Launches of 2014

Successful Product Launches of 2014

Successful Product Launches of 2014
Cambium Networks ePMP Force 110 PTP 
Cambium Networks the leader in wireless broadband solutions have announced the availability of the ePMP Force 110 PTP, a high capacity point-to-point radio that is integrated with 25 dBi antenna. The antenna automatically enhances the functionality of ePMP 1000 platform to support enterprise and industrial applications which includes video surveillances.
Today all the wireless service providers and enterprises around the world are looking for affordable, high performance links for their networks backup and connect to high value clients.  Force 110 PTP is pre-loaded with Cambium Networks latest software, release 2.3. Epmp Force 110 PTP is now available with Prologix Distribution.
Key Features
Frequency capacity is 5150-5979 MHz
20 Mbps throughput 
Frequency channel bandwidth is available in 5,10,20 and 40 MHz
Contains the latest software, release 2.3
AFL Launched the Industry Leading TruEvent™ Technology
The M310 OTDR is engineered to address the technical challenges connected with today's enterprise network architectures. 
M310 OTDR integrates TruEvent™ Technology, advanced event analysis software to accurately analyze, locate and measure network events enabling the user to determine where losses meet or exceed specifications. The OTDR is easy to use and is designed with integrated source, power meter and VFL which is compatible with DFSI Connector inspection probe. M310 OTDR is now available with Prologix Distribution as AFL has chosen Prologix as their Master Distributor and provider of service and calibration support for "Fiber optic test and Inspection equipment and Fiber Optic Cleaning Solution" in the UAE. 
Trango Giga LongHaul
Giga LongHaul is an indoor microwave backhaul solution for 6-11 GHz licensed bands. The microwave backhaul system is engineered to enable high capacity communication at long distances. Trango Systems Giga LongHaul contains an indoor modem unit and an indoor RF unit. The data rate of Giga LongHaul is up to 761 Mbps within a single 60 MHz channel. This full duplex data rates can be achieved when used in conjunction with Giga Orion IDU. Giga LongHaul has over 1.5 Gbps capacity in a single 56 MHz channel XPIC or 112 MHz 2+0 configuration. 
Totolink A2004NS dual band Gigabit Wireless router
Totolink introduced A2004NS which is a dual band Gigabit Wireless router with an in built USB port. 
Totolink A2004NS is a fifth generation wireless dual band gigabit router that delivers range and speed up to 1167Mbps. The functionality of the wireless router is three times faster than 802.11n standard. A2004NS is designed with four antennas, one USB2.0 port, delivers high signal efficiency for wireless as well as wired network. Totolink has designed a series of routers which include the next generation 802.11ac high power routers. All the routers developed by Totolink are multi-functional with USB3.0/2.0 port.  
LevelOne WAP-6103 managed ceiling Wireless Access Point
LevelOne introduced WAP-6103, a managed ceiling Wireless Access Point. WAP-6103 is engineered for fast wireless connectivity in enterprise or industrial environments of all dimensions. WAP-6103 is designed with IEEE 802.11n/b/g 2.4GHz MIMO radio in a dust- proof ceiling housing and delivers upto 300 Mbps Internet speed.
The LevelOne WAP- 6103 also has the capacity to support tunnel based AP Management, upgrades business security with the help of 802.1X and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2).
Anite Nemo products feature in Samsung Galaxy Core!
Anite Finland LTD proudly announced about Nemo Products recent support for Samsung Galaxy Core and its Broadcom M320 chipset. Nemo Handy- A and Nemo Walker Air are high in demand due to their compatibility with broadcom M320 chipset, which has ideal locking features. With the recent success story about Nemo products support for Galaxy has made the company at the top in the market due to the amazing release of a complete set of locking and forcing features with Galaxy Core LTE based on the broadcom M320 chipset.

Product Launch

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