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Best Platform for HD Video Collaboration

Vidyo range includes everything you need to install HD video collaboration to everyone in your organization, from core infrastructure to solutions that video-enable any device or application.

The Vidyo Experience

Vidyo binds users in one picture at one platform: Connect, unify and empower

Vidyo works the way you do. It runs on the devices you’re using now from smart phones to tablets, desktops to video room systems, bringing HD-quality video and content to every participant.

Vidyo Desktop

  • Ultra HD 4k support to display rich content and multiple full HD participants
  • Multiple user-selectable layouts for continuous presence, active speaker, and shared content
  • Supported in Windows, Mac, Linux and select virtual desktop environments
  • In-conference public and private text chat
  • Share any app or desktop into the conference, and switch between multiple streams of shared content
  • Far-end camera control of Vidyo and third-party group solutions
  • Host conferences in your own virtual conference room with simple click-to-connect access for both administered users and guests
  • Works on existing computers and laptops, no need for an expensive dedicated appliances
  • See the details by popping shared content out to a separate window or second monitor
  • No more commuting to the conference room

Vidyo Mobile

Just a Click Quality Meetings on Mobiles
VidyoMobile app takes high-quality video conferencing to popular Apple and Android tablets and smartphones. Host a person-to-person or multi-party video conference from your office, home, or in transit on both wireless broadband and Wi-Fi connections. As a full-featured endpoint in your Videoconferencing solution, VidyoMobile delivers transcode-free video conferencing for natural communication at the pace of conversation, without the broken pictures associated with traditional solutions.

  • Join and host meetings from your smartphone or tablet
  • Make any participant or content share bigger with pinch-to-zoom and real-time panning
  • Far-end camera control (FECC) of remote Vidyo Room systems
  • Customizable layout with up to 4 on-screen participants
  • Multipoint Content Sharing: toggle to switch between shares from multiple participants
  • Collaborate from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or 4G connection
  • See the details on high-resolution tablets with 3-megapixel shared content resolution
  • Switch between front- and rear-facing cameras on the fly
  • Leave the room without leaving the conference

Vidyo Room

The vast capability of a complete Room system
Empower each cluster space and conference room in your enterprise with the industry’s first Ultra HD capable group solution that can be installed on general purpose computing platforms at a fraction of the cost of traditional group solutions.

  • Receive up to Ultra HD 4K video, transmit up to 1080p60
  • Render greater than HD shared content in native resolution
  • Install on off-the-shelf computer hardware and run over any broadband network
  • Tight integration with professional audio and USB PTZ Logitech Conference am CC3000e
  • Share content including video clips up to 1080p30 using optional content adapter
  • Simple and cost effective deployment with one seamless 4K display or up to two 1080p displays
  • User self-service with calendar integration and click-to-connect meeting cards
  • Continuously optimized experiences for reliably high quality over variable networks
  • Conference with participants using all types of endpoints, including mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, other room systems and even voice only participants using standard telephones
  • Integrates with existing security policies and practices for desktop computing with no additional overhead for IT


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