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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

“We assure, our commitments are a reality”

Worried when your server goes down? Put aside all your worries with Annual Maintenance Services provided by prologix.

Prologix's Annual Maintenance Contract services provide you with plethora of options to ensure that your IT department is up and running. Being one of the leading IT service providers, we promote technology as a facilitator to your business. Our pool of multitalented certified engineers enables us to provide optimum IT support services for your system.

You may subscribe to our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) to avail:

24/7 - Anywhere Anytime at your desk
Mobile - A simple call/chat to resolve issue
On site - We are at your rescue in minutes
Remote help desk - Assist you even before you realise

Reality check:

Prologix is unique in its offerings through the Annual Maintenance Contract Services as-
1. We strictly adhere to SLA as per the client requirements
2. We ensure the shortest Response and Resolution time as per the tailor made contract
3. We have gained expertise through multi-resourced IT engineers

Types of



Contract (AMC)

you can sign-up for:

Unified Communications

Telecomm support to keep your business lines busy!

Servers & Storage

Ensure up-time running of your system

Network Security

Regular health check to secure your network

IT Support

24/7 survelliance and updation of your system


Ascertain the optimal performance of your website



24/7 Monitoring is a unique service which helps you forecast any issue


Identification of any upcoming problem is combated by essential protective measures


Preventive measures lead to minimal probability to adopt any corrective actions!

Simple steps to Sign up:

Unified Communications

Telecomm support to keep your business lines busy!

Servers & Storage

Ensure up-time running of your system

Network Security

Regular health check to secure your network

IT Suport

24/7 survelliance and updation of your system

It’s very important to maintain and keep your server active if you want your online business to be computable to your customers round the clock. One can maintain the server without any hassle With Prologix's Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) in Dubai, UAE. We have grown with the vision of assisting our customers in Middle East by using the best technology to effectively grow, Manage and protect IT information assets.

IT is a key component of a business operational infrastructure in Dubai . Downtime starts as soon as the systems stop functioning that leads to loss in communication, output and profit. However organizations should not worry about it. Our technical professionals in various fields can easily manage your IT infrastructure. Our IT Support Team is further bifurcated to Advance computing and networking specialists, Server specialists, Telephone and networking, Microsoft, Firewall specialists, etc.

We are providing AMC services which are well integrated and distinguished. We support you in managing your modern day maintenance challenges in a better way. Relevant and adequate maintenance is our top agenda. We always provide quality services & products for the competitive environment.

Our proficient team is well equipped to handle unpredicted hurdles in an all demanding environment with the support assistance round the clock.

Prologix is the right choice for cost effective maintenance of all your business needs. Approaching us is the smartest way ahead for solving all your difficulties in business. We provide adept maintenance of the IT infrastructure that improves your performance and keeps you moving ahead. Prologix IT annual maintenance contract provides the most hassle free maintenance for your Servers.

Prologix is based out of UAE & expanding its services across Middle East. Established in the year 1999 with the vision of helping small businesses in Middle East by using MSP technology to effectively grow, manage and protect IT Information Assets. We have a team of experts, who will dedicatedly assist you in maintaining your Telecom Equipment (Avaya), IT Systems, Network Infrastructure, Servers, & Storage Systems etc.

Our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) covers the following:

  •   Maintenance of IT infrastructure
  •   Hardware and Software Support
  •   Network Solution
  •   Remote Support and Software assistance
  •   General Maintenance
  •   Desktop and Server Support
  •   Printer Maintenance
  •   UPS Maintenance
  •   Virus Free Network
  •   Optimization of Network
  •   Rack Re- cabling
  •   Telephone Support
  •   Server Monitoring 24*7
  •   Onsite Visit by IT Specialists
  •   Scheduled Maintenance

Why Prologix?

One stop solution for multi-vendor products and services. As reflected by our strong technology expertise, we leverage strong Brand partnerships to deliver and integrate enterprise products that seamlessly align with your business. We have more than 50 major alliances with long standing relationships with principals and partners.

Benefits of joining us for an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):

1. Enhanced Business Suite
2. Complete Infrastructure Support for all Devices
3. Dedicated focus on Core-Business Strategy
4. Quality Compliance is the Top agenda
5. Cost Savings is the gaining factor
6. Information protection is our priority
7. Customized package suiting individual needs

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services

We at Prologix offer Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Contract for Support Services to keep your business’ IT Systems and Network at peak performance. We understand your needs best and provide you with preeminent solutions.

Our IT Support Services include

1. Round the clock server monitoring
2. Onsite visit by our qualified engineers
3. Incident based call‐out support
4. Unlimited remote help desk support
5. Systematic preventive maintenance
6. Inspection of the network break-down

We Guarantee Best Services, at the least possible prices. We believe in providing top notch quality services which are time bound, prompt and reliable to our clients. There is no compromise on integrity. We will always act to establish the foremost standards of honesty and fairness. Integrity is being ethical beyond doubt. It is living the law of the land in spirit. It is what will give us the confidence to stand up to any scrutiny. We believe in providing prompt and same level of service to different segments of customers.

24/7 Emergency Support Services will be provided after business hours and on public holidays with a tiny increase in basic service charges. Substantial discount will be provided on any products or services purchased from us during contract period.

Type of
Annual Maintenance


Includes all parts under services for repair or replacement

Non comprehensive

Excludes all parts, only services to provide best possible repair.

Business Solutions

Data Management

Make sense out of your digital life!!!!
Having issues with your data? Need help organizing, moving or managing contacts, calendar, email, music, or photos? Want to import or export data to different programs or devices? Need data converted to a different format?

We can help out

  A-Z support for the complete Avaya product portfolio.
  Import / export data to different programs and devices
  Manage and sync contacts to mobiles devices
  Conversion of files to different formats
  Software installation & up gradation.
  Old to new machine data transfer & integration
  Migration of data to different applications
  External Storage Solutions

Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive issues, starting from file system corruption to actual physical failure, most common points of failure in data storage occurs this way. We understand the value that your data possesses and hence we offer the best data recovery services.

Data Backup & Data Transfer

The first step towards data protection is data backup. If you have two copies of your data, it is much harder to lose it. We can design and install a backup scheme that fits your needs and budget. We'll install software, update your applications, move your files from your old computer to your new one, network your systems and configure your printer. Also, we make sure to keep your files in the same format and folder structure so that you can navigate and access your files easily.

We are with you in the Crisis Hour

At the time of an infrastructure shut-down, your business network may just go down and you need to bring it up fast and keep it running. Sometimes your server might crash, your hard drive may freeze, your RAID configuration may malfunction, or your operating system may act erratic. Perhaps you are facing a critical deadline on a project, or you may be needing to deliver a product or service immediately.

We will assess your IT problems and alleviate your emergency. We have the tools, the knowledge, the resources and the staff to resolve every IT emergency, no matter how difficult or complex it may seem.

We will reach you and work quickly and professionally, and support you with the knowledge. We need to be on top of the IT challenges so that we are able to resolve minor problems on our own. Our tech savvies deliver many custom-made services, and after the issue is resolved they are always just a phone call away, or an email, away from answering any follow up questions you may have.

We respect your confidential and private information. Know how important confidentiality is to you, whether it’s business or personal data, or both. Our tech savvies have the training and the tools necessary to protect and secure your professionally sensitive and private data.

Computer Networking Support Solutions

Networking Consultation

Find out what you need to fully connect your home or office with an efficient and customized network before you make a purchase. We’ll conduct an onsite visit, survey networking needs, and then help you draft a cost-effective plan of action for networking your computers. We also help you plan a “mixed network,” linking PCs, handheld devices and Macs for optimal performance.

If you already have an existing network that has just grown over time then it’s highly prospective that security on that network may be an issue, chances are that you will also have bottle necks that is slowing your network access down. Just talk to one of our specialists with over 16 years of networking experience which will help you evaluate the trouble in a much effective way.

Network Installation & Security Setup

We’ll develop a glitch-free plan for you to share the Internet, Printers, and Files from anywhere in your home or office with a verifiably secure wireless network.

System Upgrades

Our technicians are experts at upgrading your computing potential. We specialize in providing additional computing capacity in a cost effective manner.


Or engineers will upgrade your storage potential by successfully installing Hard Drives with a greater capacity. Also provide top of the line External Drives to manage your storage potential even further.


We will upgrade your Memory capacity by professionally installing additional RAM, allowing your computer to run more programs simultaneously, smoothly and efficiently.


Our technicians will effectively renovate your Processors giving you more computing speed.


We will build a customized, top of the line Server, specifically designed to match your business requirements. Our Experts will work with you, patiently, to discuss your business computing needs and meticulously focus on building the right Server to meet your requirements. And do it as a economically as possible. We will never advise you to buy extra components for your Server besides what you actually need.


We maintain you’re dedicated Servers, your Network, and all of your computers.
We possess a flairof woking with all Windows Server environments, Email Server services, and most Web Server services.


Our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) team strictly understands the relevance of your Work Stations along with your Network devices. We also realize that your Work Stations are the tip of your sword for your business operations, and if the performance is not up to the mark it can spell disaster for you.

We, as a robust team assure you for the effective maintenance and provide you with proper solutions to troubleshoot for any of the impending problems.

We ensure your Workstations

  Are properly connected to your Network
  Perform all tasks needed by your staff
  Operate glitch free and experience no software issues
  Optimized for performance
  Don’t run anything they aren’t supposed to
  Virus signatures are kept up to date
  Are secure from intruders

Computer Training

We consider education to be a vital part of our dedication to customer satisfaction. The one-on-one tutoring programs we offer allow customers to work through their software and hardware difficulties and learn new skills at their own pace. Our trainers are experts on Windows and have deep experience using a wide range of hardware and software products including Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft and more.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a one-on-one tutoring session.

Possible tutoring topics include

  Software Proficiency Training
  Hardware Setup & Use
  E-mail & Internet Use
  Security & Safety Issues
  Anti-virus & Spyware Software
  Avaya IP office

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