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Cisco Meraki: Cloud Managed Networking

Cisco Solutions Cisco Meraki: Cloud Managed Networking

Cisco Meraki: Cloud Managed Networking
Cisco Meraki Solutions is the only end to end Cloud Managed service in market. This product was founded in the year 2006 by a team of entrepreneurs. In 2013, Cisco acquired the Meraki Product for a whopping sum of 1.2 billion dollars. This eventually became the 3rd largest acquisition of the company. The Meraki acquisition has resulted in a 100 percent year on year growth for the company. It is one of Cisco’s fastest growing portfolios. There’s already tens of millions of devices connected with Meraki worldwide.
The Meraki is a leader in cloud-managed networking... It provides simple management of network for the customers by providing a simple access point. It has moved the controller on to the cloud, making it a part of the enterprise portfolio. Meraki is a completely cloud managed solution. It includes wireless, switching, security, WAN optimization & MDM centrally managed over the web.
Generally, once one gets higher number of access points, it increases the number of software updates and eventually a very high resulting cost. For Meraki products the upgrades are included as a part of the license, built from ground-up for cloud management. This removes the frequent headaches of multiple upgrades. For Meraki, one just buys the access point. The software headache for Controller is eliminated as it’s managed by Cisco on the cloud.
Integrated Solutions to handle IT Challenges:
Meraki provides integrated mobile device management solutions to over 1 billion iOS & android devices worldwide. It enables layer 7 application shaping of HD video and rich media. Provides with new business opportunity for analytics and user engagement. Relatively simple to implement with no extra hardware or software complexity. BYOD (bring your own device) is a major feature supported by Meraki as it provides complete safety and security features. During excessive bandwidth consumption, it makes network engineers understand what application (videos) is using more bandwidth. Thus, bringing down the applications with unnecessary bandwidth consumption. 
Though the Meraki is cloud based it is highly secure. No data traffic passes through the cloud. Only management data is transmitted. IT is HIPAA/CI compliant, increasing the efficiency greatly. It has a high availability with multiple datacenters and absolutely no bottlenecks. It provides 99.9 uptime with the network functioning even if the connection is down. The network is highly manageable with very good scalability. It also accounts for huge cost savings which in turn increases the business revenues.
Meraki requires comes with three hardware components & one software component, the Meraki Wireless LAN (access points), Meraki MS Ethernet Switch, MX Security App and the Mobile Device Management software. Meraki manages all these in a single portal making it easier for overall project execution. Data stays on the system with only management data passed on to the cloud. It provides application traffic shaping. Thus, making it highly secure.

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