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Cooling Solutions 
InfoSec Communications manufactures and supplies wide range of UPS and surge protectors as per market needs.
InfoSec Communication is headquartered in Nantes region of France and has a regional office in Dubai.Serving for over a period of 20 years, the company has mastered the art of designing and developing full range of power protection solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of its customers. InfoSec’s protection systems come complete with software applications that provide perfect protection for sensitive equipment under all circumstances. Infosec also offers free insurance for equipment connected to their surge protectors and UPS's.
The UPS is an important part for computer safety.
The Infosec UPS provides continuous electrical voltage to the connected devices, and delivers the right current to them.
In the event of an outage, the UPS takes over from the wall outlet. That way, users can save their current work.
Electrical disruptions or failures (frequency variations, voltage spikes, etc.) might damage the installations and the computer data.
Infosec UPSs are designed to filter and control the voltage so as to deliver the right current.
Surge protectors
INFOSEC sells a complete line of surge protectors to protect your simple electrical equipment, personal computing, and multimedia and Hi-Fi equipment.
Surges and current spikes are common causes of data losses or computer equipment breakdowns; various kinds of repeated magnetic interference may also permanently damage your devices.
Designed to automatically correct voltage, INFOSEC controllers fully protect your electrical equipment from problems like voltage variations or power surges.
Available for power values of 600 VA, 1,200 and 2,000 VA, our controllers are just as effective during a voltage dip, because they constantly maintain the outputted voltage independently of the charge or input voltage. 

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Prologix Comserve JLT ( Head office )
Office# 1602 | Y Cluster | Swiss Tower
Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai, UAE | P.O Box: 71790
Call: +971 4 3832999
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