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Logrhytm is one of the world’s largest security intelligence company which featured as a leader in the 2013 SIEM Magic Quadrant. Company’s solutions involve Security Intelligence Platform, Unifying SIEM, Log Management & Log Analysis, File Integrity Monitoring, Network Forensics and Host Forensics – all which are aimed to detect and respond to breaches and the most sophisticated cyber threats of present day.
Logrhytm is a champion in providing unparalleled compliance automation and assurance as well as IT predictive intelligence to large enterprises, government agencies and mid-sized businesses worldwide. The prominent compliances dealt by the company include PCI DSS Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, SOX Compliance, and NEI Compliance amongst others. Logrhytm also provides Forensic Investigation, Insider Threat Detection, Fraud Detection, Privileged User Monitoring, Continuous Monitoring and Advanced Persistent Threat.
Security information and event management (SIEM) deals with software products and services combining security information management and security event management. SIEM technology provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications. Logrhytm stands apart from first generation SIEM solutions by fully integrating log management and SIEM capabilities with File Integrity Monitoring and Machine Analytics combined with deep Host and Network Forensics. Log Rhythm’s next generation SIEM analyzes all available logs and machine data and combines it with deep forensic data capture at both the host and network level for true enterprise visibility.
Log Rhythm’s Next Gen SIEM platform delivers:
  • Real-time threat and breach detection and alerting
  • Advanced correlation and pattern recognition
  • User / Host / Network Behavior Anomaly Detection
  • Powerful search, rapid forensic analysis of all data 
  • Data visualization for long-term trending
Logrhytm solutions for Banking and Finance
Major Banks and different financial institutions face many challenges in securing their networks and satisfying an extensive list of compliance requirements. In order to meet these governmental requirements, financial organizations must take extra steps to secure their customers’ information. The major challenges include the following
  • Extensive auditing requirements tied to industry regulations
  • Difficulty pinpointing fraudulent activity among thousands of users
  • Proliferation of potential access points to the network due to growing reliance on web applications for business operations and increasingly large remote or distributed workforce.
Logrhytm provides innovative Compliance Automation Suites to help enterprises comply with these requirements, delivering automated reports, forensic investigations and real-time alerts that map directly to specific mandates.  It enables banks and other financial institutions to meet some of the more stringent requirements, like retaining and providing access to archived log data for up to several years.
Logrhytm solutions for hospitality and healthcare industry
Healthcare organizations are moving into electronic means of storing Protected Health Information, protecting patient data becomes a much more important task for IT organizations.  This is a difficult and complex job due to the rapidly growing number of diverse technologies used for processing and storing.  Each Electronic Health Record platform has its numerous regulations governing patient data protection.
  • Strict fines for failure to report breaches 
  • Highly customized applications
  • Complex regulatory requirements
  • Limited in-house compliance expertise related to information security
  • Establishing meaningful use in order to receive federal funding
Logrhytm Benefits for Healthcare:
  • Automated Compliance Suite 
  • Out-of-the-box, industry specific embedded expertise
  • Comprehensive reporting to support meaningful use
  • Multiple automation tools to enforce continuous compliance
  • PHI protection to meet meaningful use requirement
  • Powerful forensics for rapid breach reporting
Logrhytm solutions for Government sector
Log Rhythm’s comprehensive log management and SIEM solution helps public sector organizations comply with a numerous of regulations and fight cyber threats. Logrhytm is an enterprise class platform that seamlessly combines Log Management & SIEM, File Integrity Monitoring, Host Activity Monitoring, and Network Forensics into a single integrated solution. It delivers comprehensive, useful and actionable insight into what is really going on in and around an enterprise IT environment.
Logrhytm solutions for Educational sector
Education institutions face many challenges when it comes to securing the network.  The network infrastructure is complex, extensive, and heavily accessed making it difficult to secure. A large university may have thousands of users accessing the network on a daily basis, each potentially requiring extensive access to resources throughout the IT environment. At the same time the extended network will have multiple segments requiring strict access control.
Logrhytm provides higher education institutions with the means to proactively protect their extended networks and the tools to quickly detect and respond to breaches.
  • Automated Suites for multiple regulatory compliances
  • Massively scalable for large IT environments
  • Industry leading support for custom applications
  • Powerful forensics for rapid breach reporting

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