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Monitoring in telecommunication include RF Monitoring, Active/Passive Monitoring, Device Monitoring & Management and Call Center Monitoring.
Typical risks faced by Service Providerswhich negatively impact customer experience and increase operational costs include Poor voice quality, Improper call routing, Dropped calls, Improper data and/or slow data arrival, Reduced application performance and High call abandon rates.
These issues are overcome through Radio Frequency (RF) Monitoring, which allows the operators to react promptly and effectively to undesired incidents and solve problems like analyzing interference and carrier performance much faster.RFMonitoring primarily comprises of two things – Monitoring through Drive Test Solution and Monitoring through Service Assurance Solution.
In Telecom networks, active monitoring allows testing of specific customer behaviors like placing a phone call to a specific extension, conducting a conference call with large number of participants, navigating a complex IVR menu while accurately measuring the performance results in real-time from the user’s perspective.  On the other hand, Passive Monitoring is acquiring control or data from a telecommunication or data network without disturbing the network being monitored.
Prologix with its vendor Empirix provide active/passive monitoring.
Device Monitoring and Management refers to remote management and monitoring of CPEs (Customer Premises Equipment) to allow for zero-touch provisioning, problem diagnosis & troubleshooting, configuration management and software upgrades.
Call Center monitoring solutions allow for an end-to-end view of multichannel contact center operations including voice response, queuing, and routing to agent desktop systems. The solutions measured are voice, video and data quality in a single solution.
Key benefits & features of Call Center Monitoring solutions:
  1. End-to-end monitoring of complex IP-based contact centers
  2. Proactive monitoring for detecting real-time issues 
  3. Customized dash-boards from real-time data
  4. Quicker resolution of issues through faster troubleshooting.
  5. Fully optimize performance and reduce cost per call


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