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Wireless Security Solutions in Dubai

Wireless Security Solutions in Dubai

Wireless Security Solutions in Dubai
Securing your company’s wireless network from unauthorized access is of paramount importance when it comes to the protection of privacy and critical information of your business. Cisco recommends a 5-step method in this direction:
  • Create a wireless security policy 
  • Secure the WLAN.
  • Protect your wired network from wireless threats.
  • Protect your company from outside threats.
  • Get employees involved.
Create a wireless security policy
This policy defines the names and access rights of persons who are allowed to use the wireless network. It can include acceptable use policy, E-mail and communications activities, Antivirus policy, Identity policy, Password policy, Encryption policy and Remote access policy. 
Secure the WLAN
Cisco’s Self-Defending Network strategy is extensively used to protect the WLAN.
This involves encrypting data that travels on the network using not just WEP but also WPA and WPA2 and securing management ports, and authenticating users to be sure you know who is using the WLAN. Cisco supports all industry-standard encryption and authentication methods for the widest client device compatibility.
Protect Your Wired Network from Wireless Threats
Installing wireless intelligent protection switching (IPS) devices to prevent unauthorized access points and other wireless threats.
Protect Your Company from Outside Threats
Protect wireless devices with the same security used for the company network, such as firewalls, VPNs, and antivirus software. 
Cisco offers Clean Access network admission control (Cisco NAC) appliance to make sure any device using the network meets your security standards.
Get Employees Involved
Companies can use their staff in the mission of securing the network through informational posters and training about security, passwords, and privacy can help you keep your critical business communications secure.
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