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RF Services

RF Services

RF Services
Prologix’s RF Services include:
  1. RF Survey
  2. Drive Test and Radio Network Optimization
  3. In-Building Drive Test
  4. Frequency Planning
  5. Benchmarking of Network
  6. Spectrum Cleanliness
We are experts in Network Planning & Designing, Network Optimization, InBuilding Solutions and RF Drive Test/Benchmarking.
Network Planning and Design is mainly about Survey, Planning & Design. The services in this category include:
  1. Initial Radio Network Dimensioning & Design (2G/3G/LTE)
  2. Coverage Planning
  3. Network Capacity
  4. Frequency Planning & Allocation
  5. Coverage and Capacity Planning
  6. Traffic Management
  7. Determining Interference 
Network Optimization is about identification of potential faults within the network and resolving any possible problems beforehand, preventing it from affecting the network performance. The services in this category include:
  1. Pre-Launch Verification
  2. Site Analysis
  3. RF Network Auditing
  4. Coverage Identification
  5. Parameter Verification & Planning
  6. Problem Detection and Reconfiguration
  7. RF Network Field Optimization/Drive Test Analysis
  8. RF KPI Optimization
  9. Antenna Reorientation
  10. Power & Frequency Planning
  11. Handover Success Examination
  12. Modeling, and Calibration
InBuilding Solutions help in improving in-building coverage and consistency for the wireless network operators. The services in this category include:
  1. RF Coverage Assessment
  2. RF Network Planning, Design and Optimization
  3. Pre & Post Deployment
  4. Signal Distribution Analysis
  5. On-Site Support
  6. Cable Route Review & Walk Test
  7. Recommending BSS Parameters
RF Drive Test/Benchmarking gives network operators a complete view of black holes impeding the signal transmission process. Services in this category include:
  1. Call Making Issue Detection
  2. Call Drops Analysis
  3. Data, Voice & Video Quality
  4. Data Throughput Analysis
  5. Handover Success/Failure Rate
  6. Mobility Problems
  7. Voice & Video MOS (Mean Opinion Score)

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