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IEEE 80211 AD

IEEE 80211 AD

IEEE 80211 AD
802.11AD, the latest, ‘Very High Throughput’ (VHT) standard is for providing up to 6.75 Gbps throughput using approximately 2 GHz of spectrum at 60 GHz over a short range. 60 GHz transmission suffers from large attenuation through physical barriers. Backward compatibility with existing standards using the same frequency range is mandatory due to large number of existing devices.


802.11AD is compatible at the Medium Access Control (MAC) or Data Link layer, and differ only in physical layer characteristics. Devices could then have three radios:
2.4 GHz for all-purpose use which may suffer from interference
5 GHz for more robust and higher speed applications
60 GHz for ultra-high-speed, all within a room and support session switching amongst them.

IEEE 802.11ad-2012 was published in December 2012 and products based on this technology are now commercially available.


802.11ad uses RF burst transmissions that start with a synchronization preamble which is common to all modes, followed by header and payload data. The preamble is always single carrier modulation, the header and data may use single-carrier (SC) or OFDM modulation depending on the target bit rate.

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